He had a queen named Dewi Seranting. Kecantikannya yang tersohor ke seluruh negeri mengundang banyak putra Raja serta Pangeran yang ingin mempersuntingnya. The event was named BauNyale interesting. It is estimated on the fourth day after the full moon, the night before nyale about to come out, the rain subsided, replaced by rain – patter, the atmosphere became so quiet, the early morning start to manifest themselves Nyale rolling – roll thundering waves break along the coast, and as soon as it is also Nyale gradually – gradually disappear from the surface of the ocean along with the dawn on the eastern horizon. So, when those princes came to propose her, she was very confused. All the people are very proud to have a wise and prudent king who wanted to help people in distress.

The beach is visited mobbed like ants. Finally, she had an idea. It is said that princess Mandalika was the prettiest girl in the whole island. Dengan melanjutkan menggunakan situs web ini, Anda setuju dengan penggunaan mereka. All the invitees are asked to come and hang out at the beach of Kuta. Latest News Umut Adan: I know you all love me and want me to be your wife. I want to be useful for you.

Raja Tonjang Beru and all other people in the beach did not understand what she meant. The whole country TonjangBerudisaput elgenda. The king and all other people on the beach did not understand what she meant.

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Situs ini menggunakan cookie. It was chaos on the beach. He asked all the princes to take part in archery competition.


Can not eat, can not sleep, the princess finally emaciated. She hated to make people sad.

So, when those princes came to propose her, she was very confused. Emergence nawkah South Lombok beach marked with the magic of nature as God’s grace upon this creature.

But I can’t be all your wives. She disappeared in the big waves. Inside the carriage was Mandalika dressed beautifully in royal silky clothes. Virgin hair is like unraveling. From putti, i wish that my sacrifice would be benefical to all you for now and then.

Cerita Rakyat Indonesia Bahasa Inggris ( Putri Nyale )

It is a cultural tradition, deeply rooted in local legend and drama, and unique to the island of Lombok. They claimed to be the best. Para putra Raja serta Pangeran datang ke kerajaan dengan maksud mandaljka Putri Mandalika.

Mandalika daughter standing there and then he turned to the whole invitation.

Silver Ways: Putri Mandalika (english)

Karena ia kuatir apabila memilih salah satu daripara Pangeran dan Putra Raja; kemudian mereka yang tidak dipilih justru akan berperang antar mereka.

A few minute later, king Tonjang beru called his daughter princess mandalika soon after knowing the news on the war between neighbouring kingdoms to get his daughter. I want to be nyale that you all can enjoy together,” said Princess Mandalika.

After several times, there was no winner. Di akhir pemikirannya, Putri Mandalika berdiri di tepi jurang yang berbatasan dengan Laut Lombok, dan keputusannya sudah bulat untuk tidak memilih satupun erama antara peminangnya.

Princess Mandalika was really worried. Soon, the fighting got bigger. Would you please allow me to cope with that, Father? Children – children up to grandparents – grandfather came to the invitation of the princess on the ground.


The event was named BauNyale interesting. I want to be someone that everybody can have. He asked all the princes to take part in archery competition. Latest News Umut Adan: And do not miss, colossal drama Princess Mandalika held on the beach Seger.

As humanwe must good attitude, honest ,and politeness to the another people. Nyale is very delicious and that is why a lot of people come to Lombok to catch it. Beast shaped marine worms.

mandaloka Tinggalkan Balasan Batalkan balasan Ketikkan komentar di sini Because, in addition to his love must talk, he also felt the responsibility that is not small. You are commenting using your Facebook account. They lovelorn see the beauty and elegance of the princess. Thanks to all the help from the king of country folk TonjangBerubecome prosperous, secure and prosperous. Princess Mandalika is a daughter of the famous King in Lombok as happened to the King of Lombok does not have a son, heir to the throne.

The argument was getting hotter and hotter.