Meanwhile, Eubulon manages to rescue Kit and Kase from the void. Steve employed his brother Michael and long-time friend Nathan Long to write the show. The series had a sneak premiere on December 13, and began official broadcasting on January 3, , then continued throughout the year. In , all of the episodes were removed from the 4Kids TV website. JTC meets with Maya and agrees to meet the others. Len arrives and fights two mirror monsters. The Power of Three.

Elsewhere, Adam is determined to go through with Xaviax’s plan and tells Wing Knight that there’s no beating Xaviax, and that he won’t give up on Sarah for anything. However, due to the unintentionally—traitorous actions of Kit’s predecessor, Adam, General Xaviax vented most of the Riders. The Riders split up into groups to create diversions so Maya and Trent can sneak inside the base. Chris agrees that Xaviax must be stopped but leaves after having an asthma attack claiming he can’t help them because he can’t help himself. Len transforms and enters Ventara to fight the monster. Maya returns to the bookstore, is shocked by the damage done and then confronted by Michelle who tells her not to interfere anymore.

Xaviax himself becomes a playable character in “Duel Mode” and “Advent Master Mode” an arcade-style mode once all 13 Riders are unlocked and the player has defeated every mission including defeating Xaviax himself available in the “Ventara Mode” for each Rider. The Riders split up into groups to create diversions so Maya and Trent can sneak inside the base. After Len destroys a beacon, he is helped by Adam. A new female Kamen Rider prt and prepares to fight Xaviax’s soldiers.

Adam explains to the Riders jamen Eubulon attacked him. When the turtles were accidentally bathed in the strange glowing green slime, they began to grow. The Advent Master readies a plan to finally vanquish Xaviax. Kit nearly vents Adam but is stopped by Eubulon who decides to give Adam a chance to explain his actions. Married at First Sight.


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Drew introduces himself Brad and tries to convince him to earh vent Wing Knight and Xaviax so they can both get their lives back.

Retrieved September 1, Adam confesses that the transmitters aren’t really shut down.

Thrust attacks Strike for using him as a human shield but is overpowered and vented. Dragon Knight 1 Season TV-Y7 A band of protective knights battle an evil shape-shifting general who is intent on conquering Earth and rebuilding his own fallen planet of Ventara.

Welcome to Fider Domino City!

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Kit enters Ventara ahead of Len and is attacked by Axe who nearly vents him until the female Rider appears. The Rider Pzrt now Advent Gauge does not charge and can only be filled by attacking the opponent without special attacks.

He butts heads with Len, who serves as Kamen Rider Wing Knight, but the pair join forces after Kit learns that an alien warlord named General Xaviax is responsible for his father’s disappearance and intends on abducting him and the entire human race to gain power and rebuild Xaviax’s homeworld. Adam convinces Len to give him the drive and when he goes to disable it Xaviax is there to temporarily shut it down instead letting Adam gain the Riders’ trust.


Chris considers quitting but reconsiders after a lesson in teamwork by Len. It’s been a tough week for Peter Parker. Kit tells Maya about Incisor being vented by Len, who arrives at the bookstore looking for Kit. Len senses that Torque has been vented and Chris says he’s ready to listen. Kit has a chance to vent Axe but does not.

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rifer Kit meets with Len who explains that he’s not a real leader. In addition to the 13 Riders and Xaviax, twelve of Xaviax’s assorted monsters from the show can be used as playable characters in the “Duel Mode”.

Kit manages to fight off Strike and Axe before he vents Spear. Retrieved July 4, Len has a chance to vent Brad but can’t and lets him escape. Eubulon asks Maya to be the one to sneak into the base.

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Becoming suspicious epidode Danny, he orders JTC to vent him. Kit goes back to the hospital, finds that his father is missing annd that Strike took him. Another vision leads him to a confrontation with a mysterious Dragon.

Xaviax confronts Drew on his betrayal and sends Kamen Rider Strike after him but Drew manages to temporarily elude him. Kit senses a portal opening and enters Ventara to fight a mirror monster but is attacked by another Kamen Rider.