It’s, like, here, it says, “one Way you die like a soldier, but It is kind of like dying like a Punk, because you are Representing all the wrong Things when you die in the Street. Was a very powerful Individual. Los solidos’ Biggest moneymaker, though, was The sale of cocaine and crack. Hartford and the Country were outraged. The kings’ primary object was To take out a solid. People going by in Cars, whatever, walking.

I stood in my area, post People up Let them know where to hang in Case, you know, the rival gangs, The police come. Where the “f” the ambulance at? After becoming a member of los Solidos at the age of 21, smurf Moved quickly up the ranks Becoming the gang’s treasurer And public face. Boys of Destruction in St. I had done enough, you know. Iran nazario grew up in the Sand, a housing project on Hartford’s north side known for Its poverty and violence. Best Friends in Detroit , MI.

She wanted me to work, So I got a job Working construction picking Up bricks. They also learn Los solidos’ code words, a Special language only the gang Understands.

Eposode years, Officials had denied they had a Serious gang problem. Once someone joins Los solidos, he has the right To use their handshake.

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Though mostly hispanic, los Solidos openly recruited other Races and ethnic groups. It was getting big fast. Smurf had spent the day at a Pool party and was trying to Reach his fellow solido, Pipe santana.


We can do better than that.

There, he vowed to change his Life. He went to the hospital, and He losthe lostI lost him.

My brother put his hands up. And before you know it, They’re fighting. He knew he didn’t want it Anymore, But that ended up costing him His life. The former allies Began to openly clash with Increasing violence. After becoming a member of los Solidos at the age of 21, smurf Moved quickly up the ranks Becoming the gang’s treasurer And public face. I’m sick and tired of every Week: Was to have either Two cars in front and two cars Behind. Back on the Streets, he would need his wits Inwhen one of his closest Friends got himself in trouble With a rival gang.

It was formed by Cambodian youth gang members and is presently The child wasn’t Seriously injured.

Gangland (2007) s03e04 Episode Script

Though herman Was episdoe to violence, His size and love of Nature earned him an gantland Street name, big bird.

The solidos were Episodde and figured out ways to Do business, including drug Deals on the outside. There, he was initiated into The new gang: The sign that we’re looking at Back here, the war sign, is the Solidos declaring war on the Latin kings.

Everyone knew who I was. My face was everywhere. As he was walking, He was talking to His friend about where he Wanted to go, and the person Drove up. Seven-year old marcelina Delgado and her family were in Their car when shots rang out.


Full Episode S 2: It’s part of their overhead. I don’t think we got home for a Couple hours a night. Gangland explores the solixos of some of America’s more notorious gangs.

It’s open season on the latin Kings based on all the Retaliation and all the Incidents that have happened. In a state with the highest per Capita income, its capital is One of its poorest cities.

In this case, Pipe santana, a high-ranking Member of los solidos, was Having episoce affair with the Girlfriend of the president of The latin kings. She would stab you in a Heartbeat.

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There were a lot of people and Some good-looking girls, and I Knew that he would have a good Time. The third victim Was an innocent bystander, a year-old who happened solidis be Standing next to some latin Kings. In Januaryefrain was Shot dead on the street. He died almost instantly.

Big bird has also Left the gang.