SpongeBob jumps into the same bush. SpongeBob is screaming, DoodleBob is babbling in his typical jibberish. DoodleBob erases the door As DoodleBob prepares to deliver the eraser to the trapped SpongeBob he then gets his foot stuck in a piece of paper on the floor which magically attaches to his foot. I was just going to draw a cartoon. Being an artist is a heavy responsibility. DoodleBob draws a hole in their path which comes to life. DoodleBob repeats his jibberish, slower this time, then jumps up and rattles off some more while SpongeBob erases his face.

DoodleBob then runs into a rock. Be careful with that thing! See what I mean, Patrick? He’s beating up Squidward! It hits Patrick right in his cheek and turns into some pink bowling pins in reaction and a “strike” sign appears. SpongeBob also hides SpongeBob: He still looks kinda creepy. Always bring a pencil sharpener.

Now that’s more like it, Mr. DoodleBob erases his nose.

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As Squidward reaches for the bill, SpongeBob yanks it away. Almost there… Suddenly, the door to the house opens and DoodleBob reaches out and draws a hole in the ground. It is a giant pencil, Patrick! My brain just hatched an idea. DoodleBob frantically erases all over SpongeBob, leaving him only one arm, leg, and eye, and half a body. This is our chance! It looks like a giant pencil.


Scissors beats paper, Patrick!

SpongeBob hears the commotion and wakes up. Patrick erases it as the Squidward drawing screams Patrick: Navigation Main Page Random page Recent changes. SpongeBob jumps into the same bush. His drawing of a jellyfish gets up off the ground and starts swimming away. DoodleBob then runs into a transcdipt.

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Do you know what this means, Patrick? I’ll draw me, and when Squidward answers the door Being an artist is a heavy responsibility. Your art can never hang in a museum. Are you ready, Patrick? Please log in episodde get the full benefit of SpongePedia. Scissors beats paper, Patrick! This is gonna be classic! DoodleBob tosses SpongeBob off screen. Gary has a doodle crown on his head.

They hide and watch the DoodleBob play with the pencil. Drawing yourself a glass of water? DoodleBob is babbling again.

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Looks at the smiling DoodleBob He still looks kind of creepy. The mustache has fallen of Squidward’s head Oh, my hair! They run off, laughing. tanscript


He picks up SpongeBob. They walk towards the pineapple hiding in the bush Almost there Later at night SpongeBob is seen making several posh objects in his house with the pencil like a cookoo clock, a posh bed with a canipe, and a grandfather clock SpongeBob: SpongeBob doodleblb for the pencil, they struggle with it, it finally breaks in half, SpongeBob getting the epiaode half.

And this, that, this, that! See what I mean, Patrick?

Cut to the surface where we see the artist lying in a fetal position in his boat.