I thought there could have been more to the story line, but the acting and everything is excellent and I love the general feel to this drama. The Moon Embracing the Sun. Err, I think I have that darn dust in my eye as well, haha. I swear they could have omitted episodes and still it wouldn’t have made much difference. His scenes with his mother were just a few from many that showed he can be an amazing actor as he matures. With most of the story revolving around them, I didn’t enjoy the show as much as I wanted to. They wanted Kim Tan to blend in with the paint colors of the mansion walls as he ascended the steps to his bedroom.

Everything about this finale angers me. Sure, there’s exceptions, but probably less than you’d think. Ttyy December 15, at 7: Pacing could have been better. Are they emotionally dying or something? That would have been so not needed. Mom sends her to the psychiatrist anyway to get her own diagnosis and prescription, just in case.

There are questions to answer, e. What a roller coaster this show has been.

I don’t think any one of these actors is better than the other. He is a good look guy who is not only limit to black and white, open up your eys guys I am sooo curious now.

He’s destined for a lonely road because he took that top position? She cries alone at the bus stop after seeing the story, knowing that this time it really is over.


He is going to auction off the clothes for charity.

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Now JS will fight in court for her half of Jeguk, for their divorce proceedings. Link Sinopsis dari KDramatized.

The supposed “sex tape” was actually just girls dancing a rather innocent, non-provocative, hula to an old Elvis Presley songand for that, they were all put to death. Oorea they wait and wait, and only two faithful managers show up in the end.

As for everything else you mention, I’m right there with you. August December 12, at 9: I agree with you on that first paragraph.

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His tuition teacher, his personal tutor, now that she has ended her relationship with Kim Won. That long white coat, with the dark pants and cream sweater made be go YUM! But this breakup was initiated by a different circumstance.

Episode 20 was drmaa to me might be in the minority here going by the recap. But KA Tan mom is. Suddenly, Soo-Ha is able to hear the man’s violent thoughts. I think they did the clothes joke with Young Do too, when they kept dressing him and Eun Sang as twins at the campsite.

Do I want to see horrible, ugly clothes again? Eeturaya,” again, I am just writing it the way I heard itand that was translated as “Hey!

Be Positive: Profil Drama Korea : I Can Hear Your Voice and Sinopsis lengkap Eps End

I was really curious about the body outline as well. Now we can start disagreeing about that Star guy: Not an expert on Korean but I hear that word a lot at mknstar. I feel the writer made these changes due to the disappointing ratings in the beginning.


That would have been so not needed. He is such a great guy, both as an actor and behind the scenes, as a person. I kept hoping that Won would follow KT’s example and say screw it I don’t need all this to be happy. Ever watched Julia Roberts’ Sleeping with the Enemy? I’m not a corporate person. I think most of us here who were fans all 2. Minggu, 23 Juni [KDrama] Monstar. Heirs brought me good memories of my high school life, friendship till today like Tan wanted, silly and sweet days, no bullying and my first love!!!!!

No catching up, no kprea on why she never searched for him I’m not sure if it’s available on Dramafever yet, but you can find it on GD.

So many great scenes. Even as a fan, I can admit the drama had its faults: